Job Description of an eCommerce Manager

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Electronic commerce or eCommerce wicked dallas tickets has become an integral part of most of the businesses. Since online transactions are getting popular among buyers, most of the businesses are trying to sell products online. If you have knowledge in sales, digital marketing and e-business practices, you can consider the career of an eCommerce manager. The primary role of an eCommerce manager is to oversee and manage employees who create and maintain the web system of a company.

The eCommerce manager needs to develop a plan that is in harmony with the company’s mission statement to sell services and products. The online transactions include both business to consumer sales as well as business to business sales. A consumer to consumer orientation has to be managed at times depending on the requirements.


More and more businesses are implementing online ordering system. Hence, the eCommerce manager’s role is becoming an integral part of all businesses. Even a few years back the online ordering system was limited to the business to consumer model. However, business to business model is also gaining popularity since online transaction is an effective and convenient way of selling and buying products or services. If you are Internet savvy, you can enter the eCommerce industry.


Becoming an eCommerce manager is a challenging task. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, general management or management information systems. Some company may also require the applicant to have a strong background in Internet marketing and website design. It is better to have a master’s degree with emphasis in affiliate marketing, search engine marketing or HTML coding. An MBA degree with specialisation in IT, eCommerce or marketing can be an added advantage for the applicant.

Job Duties

The job role of an eCommerce manager is varied. Some of the common tasks that the manager needs to handle include:

Deciding the web format to be used
Implementing online security
Decreasing supply chain costs
Coordinating online transactions
Planning and implementing effective marketing efforts
It is expected that an eCommerce manager will take care of all the aspects of online business. The managers are not only supposed to initiate the online business plan but also maintain it in the long run. The key tasks of an eCommerce manager includes website maintenance, negotiate contracts with payment services and suppliers.

If you are looking for ecommerce jobs it is essential for you to stay up to date on the new data management trend or new eCommerce software.